H to the K... aka Heather (vixxykitty) wrote in amcchallenge,
H to the K... aka Heather


Hi everyone!

I've finally gotten in the grove of everything school wise. More work than I thought I would have!

I am working my way back to the communities and graphics. Just wanted to check up with ya'll.

I think the community needs revamping so I'll work with the other mods on that one and maybe we could make a challenge out of it... but considering the interest level lately, that may not work out so well... but we'll work on it.

Just as a reminder, this weeks challenge is coming to an end at 10 p.m. this evening and will be closed then by buttercup31, so be sure to get your entries in!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and sound through all this hurricane mess.

♥ Heather
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